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Issue 200706

  Issued 2007-05-20, the 3rd series displays an Eucalypt tree from Buchan Valley, Victoria. The high values of 5000 and 7500 CSh are due to the ongoing inflationary pressure on the state currency and cover standard and express letters within the Republic of Capricornia. Valid until 2008-04-01.  

Issue 200706_WB

  During spring 2007, the City of Balangrad was liberated by joint forces of Capricornia and Balanga Respublike. The western part of the city was placed under administrative control of the RC as City of Western Balangrad, but not joined with the Republic. Therefore, special stamps were issued on 2007-06-10, covering the fee for local letters (2500 CSh) and for letters to the RC and to Balanga Respublike (10'000 CSh). These stamps were valid within the CWB and the RC until 2008-04-01.