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Issue 200803

  A series of stamps under the motto "For Your Freedom And Ours" (after T.Koscziusko) was started on 2008-03-16 with a miniature sheet dedicated to the freedom of Tibet and Taiwan, especially to honour the Tibetans killed or imprisoned in 2008 by the authoritarian Chinese government. The active foreign policy of the Republic of Capricornia makes use of the concept of Unilateral Recognition, not requiring or demanding a like response by the recognized authority.

The stamps display the state flags of Tibet and Taiwan (the latter proposed) and large mountains on their respective territories, Mount Everest and Mount Yu Shan, representing the strength of these countries. Both stamps have a value of 2 Capricornian Florins (CFL), our new currency introduced on 2008-03-01. A smaller version of the stamps in standard double sheets was issued on 2008-03-20. Valid until 2008-12-31. CFL value was converted 10:1 into CW on 2008-08-01.

Issue 200803B

  The second set of stamps of the series "For Your Freedom And Ours" appeared on 2008-03-23. The two 1.00 CFL stamps honour the Republic of Baden-Württemberg and the Free State of Bavaria, both unilaterally recognized by the Republic of Capricornia. The left stamp in the miniature sheet displays the state flag of Baden-Württemberg (not the Government Flag which may not be used by other authorities) and the Feldberg, the highest mountain of the country. The right stamp displays the Bavarian flag (the lozengy version which is used more frequently than its line version) and the Zugspitze in the Bavarian Alps.

Both countries are currently occupied by German forces, a consequence of the First German Unity in 1871, an event which was preceded by a bloody war and in itself caused two other even more bloody wars.

A smaller version of the stamps in standard double sheets also was issued on 2008-03-23. Valid until 2008-12-31. CFL value was converted 10:1 into CW on 2008-08-01.

Issue 200804

  The third set of the series "For Your Freedom And Ours" was issued on 2008-04-06. The 2 stamps both have a value of 4.00 CFL, covering express letters within the Republic. Similar to the first two issues, a miniature sheet with a larger version of both stamps was issued at the same date.

The stamps display the flags and highest mountains of the Republic of Kosovo (with Djeravica mountain) and the Republic of Macedonia (with Mount Korab). The two countries are not unrecognized nations as the countries honoured by the first two issues, but both are not generally recognized, especially not by some of their direct neighbours.

Serbia does not recognize Kosovo, whose ethnic Albanian majority was culturally suppressed and partly driven from their homes during the 1980s and 90s by the Serbian government, police and military, and the Serbian people in their majority have not yet accepted that the secession of Kosovo is a direct consequence of their treatment by Serbia and that it is irreversible. As the general policy of the RC is to support the right of secession for any region with clear majorities, as long as they credibly and demonstrably protect the respective minority's rights, independently of the historical situation, the right of the Serbian provinces of Kosovo to secede or to join Serbia might also be supported by the RC.

A neighbour of Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia is in a different situation. It is generally recognized as an independent country by all its neighbours, but many countries, including its neighbour Greece, Germany and sadly also Australia, recognize it by the provisoric name "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" (FYROM). Many other countries, e.g. the USA, the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, recognize it under its constitutional name "Republic of Macedonia", same as the Republic of Capricornia. A third group of countries (e.g. Trinidad and Tobago) have not yet recognized Macedonia at all, possibly due to lack of diplomats or current maps of the region.

A smaller version of the stamps in standard double sheets also was issued on 2008-04-06. Valid until 2008-12-31. CFL value was converted 10:1 into CW on 2008-08-01.

Issue 200804B

  In the framework of the peace process with the Federation of Musograd, a joint Australia expedition was announced in spring 2008. On 2008-04-10, Capricornia Post and Posta tal Musograd issued a pair of stamps printed as se-tenant sheet with 3 Capricornian and 3 Musogradian stamps. This sheet was printed on matte paper by Capricornia Post and on glossy paper by Posta tal Musograd and depicts an Australian landscape with a 4WD car, the signet of the expedition and the National Flag of the issuing country.

The Capricornian issue has a face value of 5.00 CFL and is valid until 2008-12-31. CFL value was converted 10:1 into CW on 2008-08-01.

Issue 200805

  On 2008-05-06, an Air Mail stamp was issued to celebrate the flight between Balangrad City and the European Capital Bruxelles, starting from Tempelhof Airport. The stamp was printed in mini sheets consisting of 4 stamps with printed margins; it depicts a classic DC3 propeller plane. The lower margin refers to the Atomium which, although it is a public building, is copyrighted by its owners who claim high charges for any Atomium image used on the Web or elsewhere. It contains a factual error; the line "iron made of aluminium" used to be correct - the Atomium symbolizes the crystal structure of Iron and the walls were originally made of Aluminium - but after an extended renovation, the aluminium has been replaced by stainless steel - thus it should be "iron made of iron" today. Belgium, man.

The stamp has a face value of 5.00 CFL and is valid until 2008-12-31. CFL value was converted 10:1 into CW on 2008-08-01.

Issue 200806

  An Air Mail Service stamp was issued on 2008-06-15, for use by the Capricornia Defense Force units of the Joint Southern Cross Expedition. It depicts the Devil's Pebbles in the Australian Northern Territory. One stamp covered the postage to the first Australian Post Office for a postcard, and two for a letter.

The stamp has a face value of 10.00 CFL and was valid only during the expedition, until 2008-07-21. A stamp sheet consists of 3 by 10 stamps with printed margins (top: Republic of Capricornia, bottom: Joint Southern Cross Expedition 2008).

Issue 200808

  On 2008-08-01, Capricornia and Musograd entered into a currency union based on the foreign exchange reserves of both Central Banks. The new currency was named the Common Wallaroo (CW) and linked to the Euro with an exchange rate of 1:1 (obvious to all Australian mammal experts). All CFL stamps except the 2008-06-15 Service issue remain valid until 2008-12-31, with the official exchange rate of 10 CFL = 1 CW. To celebrate the currency union, a 1.00 CW stamp was issued on 2008-08-10, depicting a Common Wallaroo.

The stamp has a face value of 1.00 CFL and is valid indefinitely until further notice. A stamp sheet consists of 3 by 4 stamps with printed margins depicting the flag of the RC.

Issue 200808B

  On 2008-08-08, the conflict between the Republic of Georgia, the Republic of South Ossetia and the Russian Federation escalated into a hot war for the territory of South Ossetia. It is difficult to assess the guilt for this conflict, which probably is spread on both sides. In any case, the far larger Russian Army overran the Georgian Army, and the Republic of Abkhasia used the opportunity to attack Georgia without provocation, ethnically cleansing the South Kodori Gorge. Russian forces were positioned far beyond the borders of the breakaway republics, almost threatening the Georgian Capital. This attack on the souvereignity of a small recognized nation is unprecedented in Europe since the end of the cold war.

The Republic of Capricornia thus has decided to support the Republic of Georgia diplomatically, although it reserves the right to recognize the Republics of South Ossetia and Abkhasia if they act fairly towards their displaced Georgian populations, by ceding territories to the Republic of Georgia in the framework of a peace agreement.

Capricornia Post has issued a miniature sheet on 2008-08-30, the fourth issue in the series "For Your Freedom and Ours", depicting the Georgian and Ukrainian Flags and their highest mountains, Mt. Shkhara in Georgia and Mt. Howerla in Ukraine. The unilateral recognition of Ukraine was the logical consequence of the recognition of Georgia, as it is widely felt that Ukraine may be drawn into a similar conflict around the Krim before 2017, the year in which the lease of the port of Sevastopol to Russia ends.

The face value of the stamps is 0.50 CW. They are valid indefinitely until further notice. A smaller version of the stamps in standard double sheets also was issued on 2008-08-30.