Republic of Capricornia

State Department

The State Department has been responsible for all foreign relations of the Republic of Capricornia, including those to the Federation of Musograd and its successor states, as well as the relations to Intermicronational Organisations. Since the Republic of Capricornia has joined the Federated Micronations on 2009-10-03, it will follow a joint foreign policy led by the High Commissionner of the Federation. The Federation has endorsed all reciprocal and unilateral recognitions and relationships of the Republic of Capricornia, as of that date.

The Republic of Capricornia has signed a reciprocal agreement of recognition with the following countries: (2007-08-01).

These agreements have been supplanted by the Federation contract between the Balanda Republic, Republic of Naquarnia, Jamahiriya (Republic) Murwillumbah, Dershowo (State of) Musograd and the Republic of Capricornia. The Republic of Capricornia recognizes the voluntary incorporation of the Thylacinian Republic, the Republic of Sprijland (exiled) and the Libertarian Republic of Kosnice into the Dershowo Musograd, and the border corrections between the Balanda Republic and its neighbours.

The Republic of Capricornia has formally recognized the following countries, regardless of their legal status, on an unilateral basis:
On August 13th, 2007, the Republic of Capricornia has formally requested membership in the United Micronations. The State Department recognizes that several Micronational organisations exist and treat this request as non-discriminatory and non-exclusive.

Declaration on Suppression of Religious Freedom in Switzerland - 2009.11.29

The Republic of Capricornia and the Federated Micronations reject the decision of the Swiss People to ban the building of Minarets. This ban threatens to kindle an unprecedented religious conflict in the heart of Europe. It is an insult against the Muslims of Switzerland and all over the world, including those living in the Federated Micronations, but also against the history and spirit of Switzerland. A full economic boycott will be levied upon Switzerland, with the exception of the 4 Cantons voting against the ban, Geneva, Basel city, Neuchatel and Vaud. Further diplomatic measures will be discussed with the Federated Micronations council.

Declaration on the Russian-Georgian Conflict - 2008.08.11

The Republic of Capricornia formally declares its support of the Souvereignity of the Republic of Georgia (Caucasus) and demands full withdrawal of the Russian Occupation Forces from Georgia's territory. The rights of the people in Abchasia and South Ossetia must be maintained. Autonomy or independence of parts these two states is an option which can be discussed only after a full withdrawal of all Russian Forces from the territory of Georgia and its replacement by international peace forces, and only taking into regard the proportions of the local population which is ethnic Abkhas / Ossetian vs. Georgian, BEFORE the expulsions which took place between 1991 and 2008.
As long as the withdrawal of the Russian Forces has not taken place, the Republic of Capricornia will freeze all relations with the Russian Federation, including economic relations.

If you represent a souvereign nation and wish to exchange reciprocal recognition with the RC, please contact us at (replace # with @).